Cycology Lab

There are no cars, no trucks, no traffic lights and no hassles in the Cycology Lab, just a great bunch of like-minded people having a blast.

The Cycology Lab is not like any other indoor cycling centre or spin room, we remove the guess work from training.  In the Lab we can track and quantify your improvement, utilising technology to monitor your power output, cadence and heart rate. You will know your functional threshold power (FTP), (the best average Watts you can sustain for about an hour), and more importantly you can see and track it as it goes up.


Why is FTP so important?

FTP is based on the notion that a fit athlete is able to maintain their lactate threshold intensity for around an hour. We utilise a relatively simple test to determine this benchmark number. It is the most easily measured and accurate way to determine changes in cycling fitness. We can also utilise this number to set training zones, and if you race with power metre then we can determine your optimum power that you should hold for events such as the 180km of an Ironman™.

In order to increase your FTP, our primary focus of training is to produce aerobically active muscle, which is training that improves your muscles oxygen utilisation capacity. Muscle focus, not heart rate.

It’s tough to beat the camaraderie and energy that infuses a Cycology session.

The session’s are exciting, highly targeted and fun. We project the data you are producing onto the big screen.

Beginners to experts can track their heart rate against power output to ensure they train in the correct zone.

The ability to measure power is the only reliable way to quantitatively track changes in your fitness.  Effort is now truly measurable.

With Cycology you will know your functional threshold power (FTP), that’s the best average Watts you can sustain for an hour. And more importantly you can see and track it as it improves.

No other method of training can quantify your improvement in this way. With the option to record and review the data from all your sessions it becomes easy to track improvements.

All your training sessions will be managed by a professional coach with a significant background in cycling or triathlon. Each training session grants you access to measurement data during and after your training efforts, giving you unparalleled training documentation.

The Kingborough Fitness Centre is the benchmark of cycling training in Tasmania.

What do you need to bring



Ant+ Heart Rate Strap (Garmin, Cyclops, etc.)

Water Bottle (Bidon)

Box of tissues for the weak.

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