KSC Fitness provide a number of different programs for seniors, including Staying Active, Staying Active MOVE, Staying Active Pilates and Empowering Seniors. We are committed to providing empowering programs to meet the needs of our senior members, to ensure they stay strong, agile and mobile.


Staying Active – a non-impact strength class for those seniors who are confident to undertake an individualised strength and conditioning program within a social group environment. Our professional staff will aid in the development of  strength and conditioning program to suit your needs. The structure of these classes generally consist of 20 minutes of cardio or conditioning followed by 25 minutes of strength training, finishing with 15 minutes of stretching conducted by one of our qualified staff members.

Staying Active Move – a group fitness class specifically designed for our senior members. Includes movement to music with different activities and equipment, working on upper and lower body strength, with a mix of cardio thrown in for good measure. These classes have a great atmosphere and are very social. Each class runs for approximately 60 minutes, and cater for all levels of mobility.

Staying Active Pilates – a pilates class for our senior members. If you want to improve your strength,mobility and balance in a controlled environment then these are the classes for you. Staying Active Pilates run for 45 minutes.

Empowering Seniors – an exercise class designed for our senior members who require a little more attention. These chair based exercise classes are designed to develop and improve balance and strength in a supportive group environment. There are four core principles that underpin our Empowering Seniors Program:

  • Individualised – the program is adapted to ensure each member participates in exercise that is specific to their needs, goals and condition(s) and follows current best practice guidelines.
  • Progressive – members are progressed through their participation in the program to ensure they continue to see changes in their strength and fitness.
  • Functional – the exercises we incorporate into the program are functional, strength based nature to assist members to better manage their activities of daily living.
  • Supportive – members are supported and educated in accordance with current best practice guidelines throughout the sessions to  increase their confidence and ability to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Staying Active Move Class – Various days and times


Staying Active Class